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Introducing the Bold Flavors of Our New Menu!

Embark on a Culinary Adventure at Chickchickporkpork


We are thrilled to unveil a new chapter in our culinary story at Chickchickporkpork with the launch of an extraordinary menu that seamlessly blends traditional Korean flavors with innovative fusion twists. Our chefs have poured their hearts and expertise into creating a lineup of dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delectably satisfying. Each plate is a canvas of colors, textures, and tastes, crafted to deliver a unique dining experience.

A Peek into Our New Delicacies:

  • Cheese Buldak: A fiery favorite, this spicy chicken is perfectly balanced with a generous layer of melted cheese, creating a symphony of bold heat and creamy delight.
  • Pa-Dak: Soaring high with flavor, our glazed chicken wings rest on a bed of fresh, crisp greens, sprinkled with nutty sesame seeds and sliced almonds for an added crunch.
  • Galbi Fried Pork: Dive into the comfort of Korean street food with this bowl featuring chewy rice cakes and succulent fried pork, topped with savory pieces of short rib.
  • Bulmawang Ureongi: A treasure trove of crispy bites, this dish combines the crunch of golden-fried calamari with the deep flavors of our house special seasoning.
  • Cream Pork Fried Bowl: Indulge in the creamy goodness of this dish where the soft chew of rice cakes with Pork fried meets the smooth embrace of a rich, savory sauce.
  • Pork Fried Bowl: This is where tradition meets crunch. Enjoy the textural contrast of crispy rice cakes juxtaposed against succulent, tender beef.
  • Chashu: Our thinly sliced pork is a work of art, marinated to perfection, laying atop a vibrant mix of vegetables, served with a side of tangy mustard sauce.
  • Mini Buljokbal: The ultimate comfort food, these glazed bites offer a mouth-watering caramelization on the outside with a tender, juicy interior.
  • And more

Your Invitation to Taste Innovation:

Chickchickporkpork’s new menu is a celebration of our continuous quest to push the boundaries of Korean cuisine. We invite you to join us for a taste of innovation, where each dish is a masterpiece of flavor waiting to be explored.

Reserve your table today and be one of the first to experience our latest culinary creations. We look forward to serving you the best of Korean fusion that will leave you craving for more.